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Oct. 27, 2016
In this Florida Focus Health Brief: an experimental drug is showing great promise in the fight against Alzheimer's disease; sitting for long periods of time can affect your health according to a recent science advisory; researchers are developing an edible battery; and Tampa Bay area's first medical marijuana dispensary is now open.
In this Florida Focus news brief: a multi-car accident leaves two children and three adults dead; a car crashed into the garage of a Lutz home early this morning; an overnight robbery turned into a homicide at a Polk county gas station; a large housing project was approved in Florida; and this weekend is your last chance to check out the Hillsborough County Fair.
In this episode: Hillary Clinton held a rally in downtown Tampa on her birthday; Pinellas voting equipment was publicly tested as election day nears; Tampa's Citizen Review Board took a closer look at police officers' use of body cameras; a Tarpon Springs woman found a kitten in her fender well.
In this episode: presidential candidates continue to visit, with Trump in Tampa tonight and Clinton downtown on Wednesday; early voting starts in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Hernando county; a multiple-vehicle crash leaves a motorcyclist dead and shuts down Gandy Bridge for multiple hours; Tampa police are searching for the man who stole two Waverunners valued over $33,000; Pinellas County Jail receives the R. Scott Chavez Facility of the Year Award for outstanding correctional healthcare quality, innovation, and dedication.
In this episode: the Florida Democratic Party wants to suspend the Provisional Ballot Law so that newly registered but unverified voters can participate in early voting, but a federal judge denied the request; presidential campaigns are spending top dollar in our state, according to Politico; the nay area leads in sales for single family homes; Hillsborough county fair offers wholesome family fun.
In this episode: Amazon and Wells Fargo Cancel their student loan deal; USF addresses studying abroad concerns; Pinellas students have highest ACT scores; a teachers body language can influence students learning.
In this episode: a prisoner took a Bartow deputy hostage while the crew was out on lunch; two men and a woman who stole a wallet containing credit cards earlier this month are seen using the cards on Walmart surveillance video; healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson hosts a ribbon cutting ceremony in Tampa as they unveil a brand new North American Global Services Center; Visit Tampa Bay held it’s 31st annual meeting today and says Tampa tourism is hitting record-breaking numbers; “Walkin’ the Beat,” a new Bradenton Police initiative that requires officers to get out of their cars and walk for one hour during each shift, hopes to ease tensions between law enforcement and residents.
In this episode: A mall fire rips through a shopping center on Hillsborough Ave; a Saint Pete officer is on administrative leave for his second DUI arrest; Florida gets a minimum wage increase of five cents; results from the University of South Florida election straw poll.
In this episode: Bay Area religious leaders are demanding an end to the death penalty in Florida; a standoff with Pasco Police ends up with a death; a box truck driver is safe after plunging into Sarasota Bay; celebrating National Pasta Day in our area.
In this episode: Police are searching for a hit and run driver. A drunk driver crashes into a home. New details in a seven-year-old case. Tickets go on sale today from Tampa to Havana and Amazon now delivers food to your doorsteps.
In this Florida Focus Military Brief: 2017 Pay raise for our military is less than expected, U.S Navy will be getting new uniforms, Veteran Homelessness is cut in half and a new veterans resource center will be built in Hillsborough County.
In this episode: the Florida voter registration deadline extended until Tuesday the 18th; Hillsborough and Pinellas counties make a nationwide list of of counties with the most death sentences, according to a Harvard report; the ride-sharing company Uber is partnering with the Tampa Bay Lightning for an exclusive pick-up lane; Halloween costume stores are stocking up on presidential candidate masks.
In this episode: Florida voter registration has been extended; Bill Clinton comes to Safety Harbour tonight while Donald Trump plans to campaign in Lakeland tomorrow; Hurricane Matthew has caused 80 insurance claims in Bay area counties; clown costumes have been pulled from local Goodwill shelves; the Tampa Police Department pays tribute to Lois Marrero.
In this episode: Tampa and Miami top the nation in household income equality; a new report states Hillsborough County Schools can save millions of dollars; the Florida Democratic Party sues Gov. Rick Scott; businesses fail to enforce alcohol laws by selling alcohol to under-aged customers; K-9 training at Adventure Islands.
In this episode: Governor Rick Scott warns Floridians to evacuate and stay alert; Bay Area schools close and blood banks reach out to donors as the east coast braces for Hurricane Matthew; residents can sign up for Alert Tampa to stay updated on the storm and other emergency notifications; authorities search for the man who robbed a Sarasota Walgreens with a knife.
In this episode: updates on amendments that will provide tax breaks for solar energy use; Triangle Ranch in Manattee county, home to over 100 species of animals, is now officially a conservation easement; the state department of environmental protection says Floridians are recycling at 54%; NASA climate scientists report that the Earth is heating up twenty times faster than it has in the past 100 years; researchers discover a purple squid off the coast of southern California.
In this episode: The suspect of a fatal shooting is identified; ABC begins doorstep delivery; foreclosure filings are down in the Hillsborough area; The Gilmore Girls Luke's Cafe comes to Tampa.
In this episode: Hurricane Mathew causes the White House to cancel a Florida visit; The University of South Florida fraternity is under temporary suspension; A mobile home park in Lakeland is being sued for racial discrimination; Hillsborough County Police are looking for two burglary suspects; Florida has the nation’s largest increase in household spending.
In this episode: Rent prices in Tampa are double the national rate, rising over four percent; families at Mosley Motel are being evicted by the property's new owners; an 18-year-old is found dead with a gunshot wound in Palmetto; the Howard Frankland Bridge won't be getting an express toll lane; FEMA crews are assessing damages of Pasco County homes that could be considered for federal aid.
In this episode: Uber will pay $250,000 for a temporary license as part of their new agreement with Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission; Gabrielle Giffords led an anti-gun violence rally in St. Pete today; HRI Properties won a bidding war for an empty lot in downtown Tampa and plans on starting construction next year; Pinellas County Department of Health celebrates World Heart Day; Pinellas County firefighters exercise a way to rescue people from collapsed buildings.
In this episode: Florida earned an "F" in medical transparency, making it difficult for patients to compare prices and services among heath care providers; University of South Florida Professor Juan Sanchez-Ramos is using a nasal spray to treat Huntington's Disease; the demand for home caregivers is increasing in Florida as the baby boomer population continues to age; Florida schools would need to triple the number of registered nurses to meet the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics; hospitals in the Bay Area are now available for virtual care through websites and mobile apps.

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