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International Athletes
Students from around the world come to USF to participate in USF athletics. These students explain why they made this choice and how their teams can serve as a surrogate family while abroad.

Darin Cowels
Ann Delaney
Abby Ritter

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International Experience
International student Huzzaton Noor Iqra explains the value of an international experience in our increasingly global world.

Kiana Coffey
Jaclyn Spradlin
Alexandra Velasco

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Challenges in America
This segment focuses on three USF students from different countries and how they have adapted to life in the United States. The three students are from China, Kuwait and India. They expressed the different challenges they have faced, from learning English to learning the culture of America. These experiences have not only shaped who they are as international students, but most importantly who they are as individuals.

Annarelis Marquez
Michael Polarchy
Shalaine Rowe

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INTO USF is a partnership company with the university that recruits international students from all over the world. INTO Marketing Rep, Jessica Brightman, discusses the benefits they offer international students. The segment shares the experiences of international students Ahlam Alrashdi, Bader Lyamani, and Brad Bernnan. They reveal their thoughts on the struggles of being a student in a foreign place and discuss their experiences not only with the program but around USF.

Andrew Haimerl
Myosha Powell
Rebecca Torriani


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