Nov. 15, 2016

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In this episode: an 8 year-old girl is hospitalized after being hit by a car's side-view mirror; an Ybor City fight ends in a hit-and-run; Tampa joins cities across the nation in protest of the Dakota Access and Sabal Access Pipeline; XSCAPE Riverview 14 is a new movie theater set to open its doors.


Anchor: Nataly Capote
Camera Operators: Deprina Godboldo
Floor Manager: Deprina Godboldo
Graphics: Ana Batista Jean
Technical Director: Nadine Young
Audio: King Unique
Prompter: Katherine Viloria
Director: Dakota Galvin
Web Content: Jackson Cardarelli and Brooke Harris
Faculty Advisor: Cathy Gugerty
Graduate Assistant: Danielle Quichocho
Teaching Assistant: Brooke Harris

Fall 2016

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