Nov. 16, 2016

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In this episode: a toddler is hospitalized after being shot, police believe it was accidental; the University of South Florida is warning students to stay alert after a student is robbed on campus; a 15 year-old is arrested in Manatee County for having marijuana stuffed down one sock, and meth stuffed down the other; Pasco County Fire Rescue is supplying and installing smoke detectors for those who need them; pig carcasses block northbound lanes on I-75.


Anchor: Kody Hilburn
Camera Operators: Ciara Cummings, Sydney Whitfield
Floor Manager: Sydney Whitfield
Graphics: Natalie Novak
Technical Director: Justin Reed
Audio: Jillian Olsen
Prompter: Lauren Bodle
Director: Valaria Ruales
Producer: Lauren Bodle
Web Content: Jane Daniel
Faculty Advisor: Cathy Gugerty
Graduate Assistant: Danielle Quichocho
Teaching Assistant: Brooke Harris

Fall 2016

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