Feb. 20, 2018

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In this news brief: Police are searching for a man wanted for sexually assaulting a 71 year-old woman in New Port Richey; Hillsborough County schools have begun implementing campus threat drills; Two students from separate high schools are both arrested for making false threats of shooting up their school; Neighborhoods across Tampa Bay are receiving new L-E-D street lights to help reduce crime; A couple discover an eight-foot alligator hiding underneath their truck in Pasco County.


Anchor: Maria Lugo Doria
Camera Operators: Jontae Davis, Brianna Froncillo
Floor Manager: Hannah Yechivi
Graphics: Emily McCain
Technical Director: Kimberly Traub
Audio: Amy Gonzalez
Prompter: Cory Draper
Director: Adam Zubek
Producer: Maria Lugo Doria
Web Content: Olivia Forbis
Faculty Advisor: Cathy Gugerty
Graduate Assistant: Kelsey Baker
Teaching Assistant: Dakota Galvin

Spring 2017

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